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def LDAPUserFolder::LDAPUserFolder::LDAPUserFolder::getUser (   self,
  pwd = None 

Return the named user object or None

Definition at line 527 of file LDAPUserFolder.py.

00527                                      :
        """Return the named user object or None"""
        if pwd is not None:
            cache_type = 'authenticated'
            cached_user = self._authenticated_cache.get(name, pwd)
            cache_type = 'anonymous'
            cached_user = self._anonymous_cache.get(name)

        if cached_user:
            if self.verbose > 6:
                msg = 'getUser: "%s" cached in %s cache' % (name, cache_type)
                self._log.log(7, msg)
            return cached_user

        user_roles, user_dn, user_attrs = self._lookupuser(uid=name, pwd=pwd)
        if user_dn is None:
            msg = 'getUser: "%s" not found' % name
            self.verbose > 3 and self._log.log(4, msg)
            return None

        if user_attrs is None:
            msg = 'getUser: "%s" has no properties, bailing' % name
            self.verbose > 3 and self._log.log(4, msg)
            return None

        if user_roles is None or user_roles == self._roles:
            msg = 'getUser: "%s" only has roles %s' % (name, str(user_roles))
            self.verbose > 8 and self._log.log(9, msg)

        user_obj = LDAPUser( user_attrs.get(self._login_attr)[0]
                           , pwd or 'undef'
                           , user_roles or []
                           , []
                           , user_dn
                           , user_attrs
                           , self.getMappedUserAttrs()
                           , self.getMultivaluedUserAttrs()

        if pwd is not None:
            self._authenticated_cache.set(name, user_obj)
            self._anonymous_cache.set(name, user_obj)

        return user_obj

    security.declareProtected(manage_users, 'getUserById')
    def getUserById(self, id, default=_marker):

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