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def LDAPUserFolder::LDAPUserFolder::LDAPUserFolder::manage_deleteUsers (   self,
  dns = [],
  REQUEST = None 

Delete all users in list dns 

Definition at line 1226 of file LDAPUserFolder.py.

01226                                                       :
        """ Delete all users in list dns """
        if len(dns) < 1:
            msg = 'You did not specify users to delete!'

        elif self._delegate.read_only:
            msg = 'Running in read-only mode, deletion is disabled'
            for dn in dns:
                msg = self._delegate.delete(dn)

                if msg:

                user_groups = self.getGroups(dn=dn, attr='dn')

                if self._local_groups:
                    if dn in self._groups_store.keys():
                        del self._groups_store[dn]


                for group in user_groups:
                    group_type = self.getGroupType(group)
                    member_type = GROUP_MEMBER_MAP.get(group_type)

                    msg = self._delegate.modify( dn=group
                                               , mod_type=DELETE
                                               , attrs={member_type : [dn]}

                    if msg:

            msg = 'Deleted user(s):<br> %s' % '<br>'.join(dns)

        if REQUEST:
            return self.manage_userrecords(manage_tabs_message=msg)

    security.declareProtected(manage_users, 'manage_editUserPassword')
    def manage_editUserPassword(self, dn, new_pw, REQUEST=None):

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