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LDAPUserFolder::LDAPUserFolder::LDAPUserFolder Class Reference

Inherits AccessControl::User::BasicUserFolder.

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Detailed Description


    The LDAPUserFolder is a user database.  It contains management 
    hooks so that it can be added to a Zope folder as an 'acl_users'
    database.  Its important public method is validate() which
    returns a Zope user object of type LDAPUser

Definition at line 42 of file LDAPUserFolder.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __setstate__
def authenticate
def findUser
def getCacheTimeout
def getEncryptions
def getGroupDetails
def getGroupedUsers
def getGroupMappings
def getGroups
def getGroupType
def getLDAPSchema
def getLocalUsers
def getLog
def getMappedUserAttrs
def getMultivaluedUserAttrs
def getProperty
def getSchemaConfig
def getSchemaDict
def getServers
def getUser
def getUserByDN
def getUserById
def getUserDetails
def getUserNames
def getUsers
def isUnique
def manage_addGroup
def manage_addGroupMapping
def manage_addLDAPSchemaItem
def manage_addServer
def manage_addUser
def manage_changeProperty
def manage_deleteGroupMappings
def manage_deleteGroups
def manage_deleteLDAPSchemaItems
def manage_deleteServers
def manage_deleteUsers
def manage_edit
def manage_editUser
def manage_editUserPassword
def manage_editUserRoles
def manage_reinit
def manage_setUserProperty
def setCacheTimeout
def setSchemaConfig

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string id = 'acl_users'
int isAUserFolder = 1
tuple manage = manage_mainDTMLFile('dtml/properties', globals())
tuple manage_cache = DTMLFile('dtml/cache', globals())
tuple manage_grouprecords = DTMLFile('dtml/groups', globals())
tuple manage_ldapschema = DTMLFile('dtml/ldapschema', globals())
tuple manage_log = DTMLFile('dtml/log', globals())
tuple manage_options
tuple manage_userrecords = DTMLFile('dtml/users', globals())
string meta_type = 'LDAPUserFolder'
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()

Private Member Functions

def _clearCaches
def _expireUser
def _lookupuser
def _mapRoles
def _setProperty

Private Attributes


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