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LDAPUserFolder::LDAPUserFolder Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This interface file lists methods available for scripting 
LDAPUserFolder objects.

Some others are accessible given the correct permissions but since 
they are used only in the internal workings of the LDAPUserFolder
they are not listed here.

Definition at line 10 of file LDAPUserFolder.py.

Public Member Functions

def findUser
def getGroups
def getUser
def getUserById
def getUserDetails
def getUserNames
def getUsers
def isUnique
def manage_addGroup
def manage_addUser
def manage_deleteGroups
def manage_deleteUsers
def manage_editUser
def manage_editUserPassword
def manage_editUserRoles
def validate

Public Attributes

tuple addLDAPUserFolderForm = DTMLFile('addLDAPUserFolder', _dtmldir)
string EDIT_PERMISSION = 'Change user folder'

Private Attributes

string __version__ = '$Revision: 1.109 $'
tuple _dtmldir = os.path.join(package_home(globals()), 'dtml')
list _marker = []


class  LDAPUserFolder

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